Nuzlocke Run: Good Beginning

Again I awoke in my bed, normal life with my normal mother downstairs. I know whats truly happening though. This time will be different, though, I have it all planned out.

After grabbing my Bulbasaur as the almighty random number generator commanded. I marched off into the wilderness to combat the nasty little creatures trapped into the world with me. As normal my first pokemon I encountered was a Pidgey. Training them became my highest priority so that there would be no-way my failures could repeat again. I watched my monsters grow and grow, facing my combatants as we progressed until we came to the place where I had died before. The pokemon don't remember, I don't think any one but me can but still. This time they are far stronger far more confident. With my training regiments put into play they quickly wiped the floor with all the other trainers and we stood in front of Brock, knowing as an absolute that we would be victorious.


The battle was a joke, how easy it was for Brock to slaughter me and my creatures last time. But now, no I was ready for him. I destroyed his Geodude and left it lying in the dirt to mark what was to come and as he brought out his Onix I began to laugh. Not from fear, or insanity but because of how large and menacing it once looked as it glared down at me before my end. Now it was nothing more then an overgrown rock that needed to be put out of its misery. My Bulbasaur made short work of it, Brock couldn't even register what had happened. I wouldn't let my pokemon defeat my opponent for me though. True warriors fight for themselves, I marched up to him as he was still in a daze and took his life from him. Looting the body I found my reward. I stack of cash and the Boulder Badge, stuck to the inside of his vest. With this I can prove I was the one who killed him, the one who won.


In time there will be others to come for my badges and other gym leaders to protect theirs but for now I am able to bask in the victory that was granted through flames and failure. But my journey isn't at an end and I have to steal apart of my self so the long journey ahead can be won. For if I fail again, if I am killed by my opponent and have to restart this world yet again. I do not know if I will have the strength to continue.

Every time I wake up back in my old room, a part of me will die or be lost and I do not wish to see what sort of monster comes out. I do not wish for my family to see that day. Pray for me, I no longer believe in a god but hopefully one will answer your prayers and grant me some sort of rest.