Nuzlocke failure part 2

Well, I'm going to be completely honest on this one, it did not last long.


Given the stupidity I embraced during my first run through I decided to really bump up the training regiment. Over leveling and killing any rabid monster I came across. I made sure that any opponent that my stupid little pocket monsters came across was destroyed. So, what I went to face Brock, the first gym battle, I figured that my charmander and pidgey would defeat them with ease. After all, they were 3-4 levels higher then everything else in the gym. I quickly destroyed all the trainers that dared to step forward on my path to strike at that slit eyed bastard. Of course I healed and readied myself to strike at my foe and gain victory.

His geodude fell before my pidgeys feet like it was nothing. Watching it faint before my creature, I couldn't help but laugh. Feeling like a god, unstoppable, all-knowing, I let my pidgey stay out to face Brock's petulant little onix. I was wrong.....god was I wrong. Within one strike, one terrible mistake my pidgey died without even a fight. It was like watching pokemon turn into reality for a split second and if you don't understand....watching a boulder fall onto a small bird. It was soul crushing but what came next drove me to rage and disbelief.

My charmander, my poor sweet fire newt. I raised it from the tiniest of monsters to crush those in my path. That Onix, the same that crushed my tiny ugly little bird into mush, it struck at my charmander like it was filled with gods undying rage! Crushing it into the dirt with my pidgey, so that they may share a grave. One hit, each to my pokemon......and then I knew it was my turn. Walking forward I would not fall or faint infront of my opponent like my rival before. I know I will be reborn again so I faced my death like a man. Standing over my pokemon, so I may join them in the beyond. Onix....again did not hesitate not strike at its opponent and I was not able to see when his strike hit but I know it was true. I will be back, stronger and for vengeance.

Brock will not remember that he ever killed me but he will know me when I drive him before my pokemon and make him watch as I disassemble his onix infront of him!