Nuzlocke Run Pokemon LeafGreen

I will document my constant struggles through this new and harsh landscape filled with various pokemon. I have taken it upon myself to place rules and restrictions on myself to fulfill my ancestors need for pain and suffering, they are as follows.


Pokemon Faint - They are dead therefore to be released to the dirt

No potions- Don't even try it, you are weak!

Limited use of pokecenters- You must pay a fee!

Catch only the first pokemon in a region- Fuck Abras and fuck rock types in general!

White out- This means death restart your save. WEAK!

Starter is set- Check your numbers! It is destined!


My first run through got me completely manhandled just outside of vermillion city by my rival. I have shamed my family and friends. Suicide is the only option, they will find my body next to my squirtells corpse. Damn you have forced my hand and brought me to a premature end. I will find you in my next life. I will kill you in my next life......FOR VALHALLA!