Nuzlocke Run: Trial and Error

I....I don't know what to do. After Brock I marched off into the next area to continue my journey but I have began to run into....problems. I can only catch the first pokemon in a new region and unfortunately I raised my creatures to a point where nothing can stand in front of them. Every adversary that they come across always ends up the same and I can't catch any more of these terrible little monsters. I need to make a bigger team so there is no weakness, I must weed out all weakness within my group.


So that's where the problem arises, I had to pull back my training so that I could try to catch more of these little fools. My first luck came when I entered a cave and I was able to widdle down and finally catch a Zubat. Before all this I remember Zubat being my favorite pokemon, cute, sightless, in need of help. It always looked helpless to me and in need of a friend. I had always dreamed of catching one and becoming friends with it but I can't help but see it for what it truly is. A tool, a tool to by sharpened and used. One that I will fashion into an unstoppable killing machine. I don't know why that thought has started to excite me.


What am I becoming? I am finding it pleasurable to turn these little animals into killing machines. It has to be after I died, something is changing in me and I don't know if I want it to stop. I need to find a way to avoid my death, I don't wish to wake up after I die again. There has to be a way out, perhaps if I become the champion.....then I will be able to finally rest.

I will train you Zubat, you will grow and you will be my champion.