Boell's Story: Part 2

I've got to give it to him this time, he may have actually pulled this off. Here I am standing in front of a god damn mansion with absolutely nothing around me for miles. Ezeke says in a few days we will be getting out heard of mutated cattle sheep as he calls them but I am just hopeful for what is around us. I know there is something wrong with this planet and I will have to deal with that eventually but for now I can relax and enjoy myself.

"Yeah this house is yours, mine is just down the road! I got a super cheap deal on everything!" Did those words just come out of his mouth? Sweet merciful god, a patch of land, some hope for the future and I don't have to wake up to his ugly mug every morning. I don't care what kind of dangerous drivel I have to deal with. I am now in heaven "Alright Ezeke, so what do we do until tomorow? We going to run around our empty houses like maniacs until sunrise?" Why is he smiling like that? What kind of disastrous day has he got planned for us? "You can run around being a complete moron but I am going to go visit the other abandoned mansion around the road and steal everything that is not bolted down... Two properties down they have a high capacity beam splitter that I am going to set up on my roof." He takes off a few steps and turns back with the slyest grin I have ever seen. "You god damn beautiful sick son of a bitch." That was the only thing I could think of saying before catching up to him and tagging along on this most joyous of days.


Just a few hours after that I am now in control of my own personal battle station of a home. Every place we visited had small collections of personal munitions and securities and Ezeke and I split them all and made our homes into a fortress. With all the money and goods we were able to salvage off of the other houses Ezeke has decided to hire somebody to come in and make sure our homes are impregnable. Best death planet ever.