Ezeke Reduy: Journal 1

This is always the part that I love about being out here, the travel from one world to another. Its always quiet, almost all of the other passengers rest or lose themselves in music. Even Boell doesn't like to be fully awake during the trip, normally spends his time reading with his music so he doesn't have to be near reality. Not me though, part of the reason why I skip from place to place so often. Everytime I settle or start getting comfortable my bad luck gets to me, life gets to me. Out here however, if something bad were to happen it would be over before anybody knew what was going on. That simplicity makes me feel safe, makes it so if my bad luck does get to me it would all finally be over.

So yeah, I stay awake and aware of everything that goes on. This way I can find a small speck of peace in this ever expanding void that's around our tiny metal coffin. Never mean to bring Boell along into my mess but for some reason, everytime shit goes wrong, he packs up and moves with me. He is the closest thing to family I have left out here and I hate the fact that I'm always the thing keeping him from having a happy life. I have tried leaving him behind before but he ends up finding his way to what ever planet I wander off too. This time will be different, I've done my research, done my planning, and I know what I am going to do. Every settler or investor that has popped onto this planet has died, I have scrounged and found every piece of video evidence on what killed them.

I will make this work, for the stupid bastard reading next to me, for myself. Hell my bad luck has got to end at some point in time.....right?