Boell's Story: Part 1


Years of my life spent wasting and toiling away for some random company on some random ass planet. I've saved money for years to buy my own place, even make a space for myself and this is what I get. Laid off, mugged and left to drag myself back to my shit heap. The only saving grace of my entire day is coming back and seeing the sad pathetic creature that I call a roommate. I know, grown man having a roommate, but times are tough everywhere and he makes my life seem strangely pleasant by comparison.

"Don't worry Boell, I lost a finger, got fired, car got stolen and our landlord just tried to stab me." That was his reply to my day, see, pathetic creature. Strange thing is he still tries to be happy about it, no matter what kind of monstrous thing happens to him. Even now he has a strange smile on his face, even for him. Oh god....he's planning something, sweet merciful god not again. The last time he planned something we ended up being stuffed into a ship and shot out too absolutely no-where, left to die in space. "You know how I've been bouncing from job to job? Collecting random paychecks and doing odd jobs here and there?" This is going to end up with one or both of us dead, I know it.

"Well I saved a ton of money and with this last little, hiccup." He's wiggling his non-existent finger, I don't care, finish your stupid thought you muppet! "I have gone and bought an acreage.....on a Terse Planet." I think my heart just stopped a little bit. He bought a plot of land on a planet that the entire populace has been killed off. "I leave on the first transport out and as the landlord is currently out for blood, I have a ticket for you as well."

"You are going to get us both killed." I just agreed to his idiocy, I am going to die on a planet in the farthest reaches of known space. Why!? "Perfect! I've already packed, we leave in two hours. We are going to be raising mutated cattle sheep! They are adorable!"


There is something wrong with my brain......I have got to buy the biggest gun I can possibly find before I leave.