Nuzlocke Run: Trial and Error

I....I don't know what to do. After Brock I marched off into the next area to continue my journey but I have began to run into....problems. I can only catch the first pokemon in a new region and unfortunately I raised my creatures to a point where nothing can stand in front of them. Every adversary that they come across always ends up the same and I can't catch any more of these terrible little monsters. I need to make a bigger team so there is no weakness, I must weed out all weakness within my group.


So that's where the problem arises, I had to pull back my training so that I could try to catch more of these little fools. My first luck came when I entered a cave and I was able to widdle down and finally catch a Zubat. Before all this I remember Zubat being my favorite pokemon, cute, sightless, in need of help. It always looked helpless to me and in need of a friend. I had always dreamed of catching one and becoming friends with it but I can't help but see it for what it truly is. A tool, a tool to by sharpened and used. One that I will fashion into an unstoppable killing machine. I don't know why that thought has started to excite me.


What am I becoming? I am finding it pleasurable to turn these little animals into killing machines. It has to be after I died, something is changing in me and I don't know if I want it to stop. I need to find a way to avoid my death, I don't wish to wake up after I die again. There has to be a way out, perhaps if I become the champion.....then I will be able to finally rest.

I will train you Zubat, you will grow and you will be my champion.

Boell's Story: Part 2

I've got to give it to him this time, he may have actually pulled this off. Here I am standing in front of a god damn mansion with absolutely nothing around me for miles. Ezeke says in a few days we will be getting out heard of mutated cattle sheep as he calls them but I am just hopeful for what is around us. I know there is something wrong with this planet and I will have to deal with that eventually but for now I can relax and enjoy myself.

"Yeah this house is yours, mine is just down the road! I got a super cheap deal on everything!" Did those words just come out of his mouth? Sweet merciful god, a patch of land, some hope for the future and I don't have to wake up to his ugly mug every morning. I don't care what kind of dangerous drivel I have to deal with. I am now in heaven "Alright Ezeke, so what do we do until tomorow? We going to run around our empty houses like maniacs until sunrise?" Why is he smiling like that? What kind of disastrous day has he got planned for us? "You can run around being a complete moron but I am going to go visit the other abandoned mansion around the road and steal everything that is not bolted down... Two properties down they have a high capacity beam splitter that I am going to set up on my roof." He takes off a few steps and turns back with the slyest grin I have ever seen. "You god damn beautiful sick son of a bitch." That was the only thing I could think of saying before catching up to him and tagging along on this most joyous of days.


Just a few hours after that I am now in control of my own personal battle station of a home. Every place we visited had small collections of personal munitions and securities and Ezeke and I split them all and made our homes into a fortress. With all the money and goods we were able to salvage off of the other houses Ezeke has decided to hire somebody to come in and make sure our homes are impregnable. Best death planet ever.

Nuzlocke Run: Good Beginning

Again I awoke in my bed, normal life with my normal mother downstairs. I know whats truly happening though. This time will be different, though, I have it all planned out.

After grabbing my Bulbasaur as the almighty random number generator commanded. I marched off into the wilderness to combat the nasty little creatures trapped into the world with me. As normal my first pokemon I encountered was a Pidgey. Training them became my highest priority so that there would be no-way my failures could repeat again. I watched my monsters grow and grow, facing my combatants as we progressed until we came to the place where I had died before. The pokemon don't remember, I don't think any one but me can but still. This time they are far stronger far more confident. With my training regiments put into play they quickly wiped the floor with all the other trainers and we stood in front of Brock, knowing as an absolute that we would be victorious.


The battle was a joke, how easy it was for Brock to slaughter me and my creatures last time. But now, no I was ready for him. I destroyed his Geodude and left it lying in the dirt to mark what was to come and as he brought out his Onix I began to laugh. Not from fear, or insanity but because of how large and menacing it once looked as it glared down at me before my end. Now it was nothing more then an overgrown rock that needed to be put out of its misery. My Bulbasaur made short work of it, Brock couldn't even register what had happened. I wouldn't let my pokemon defeat my opponent for me though. True warriors fight for themselves, I marched up to him as he was still in a daze and took his life from him. Looting the body I found my reward. I stack of cash and the Boulder Badge, stuck to the inside of his vest. With this I can prove I was the one who killed him, the one who won.


In time there will be others to come for my badges and other gym leaders to protect theirs but for now I am able to bask in the victory that was granted through flames and failure. But my journey isn't at an end and I have to steal apart of my self so the long journey ahead can be won. For if I fail again, if I am killed by my opponent and have to restart this world yet again. I do not know if I will have the strength to continue.

Every time I wake up back in my old room, a part of me will die or be lost and I do not wish to see what sort of monster comes out. I do not wish for my family to see that day. Pray for me, I no longer believe in a god but hopefully one will answer your prayers and grant me some sort of rest.

Nuzlocke failure part 2

Well, I'm going to be completely honest on this one, it did not last long.


Given the stupidity I embraced during my first run through I decided to really bump up the training regiment. Over leveling and killing any rabid monster I came across. I made sure that any opponent that my stupid little pocket monsters came across was destroyed. So, what I went to face Brock, the first gym battle, I figured that my charmander and pidgey would defeat them with ease. After all, they were 3-4 levels higher then everything else in the gym. I quickly destroyed all the trainers that dared to step forward on my path to strike at that slit eyed bastard. Of course I healed and readied myself to strike at my foe and gain victory.

His geodude fell before my pidgeys feet like it was nothing. Watching it faint before my creature, I couldn't help but laugh. Feeling like a god, unstoppable, all-knowing, I let my pidgey stay out to face Brock's petulant little onix. I was wrong.....god was I wrong. Within one strike, one terrible mistake my pidgey died without even a fight. It was like watching pokemon turn into reality for a split second and if you don't understand....watching a boulder fall onto a small bird. It was soul crushing but what came next drove me to rage and disbelief.

My charmander, my poor sweet fire newt. I raised it from the tiniest of monsters to crush those in my path. That Onix, the same that crushed my tiny ugly little bird into mush, it struck at my charmander like it was filled with gods undying rage! Crushing it into the dirt with my pidgey, so that they may share a grave. One hit, each to my pokemon......and then I knew it was my turn. Walking forward I would not fall or faint infront of my opponent like my rival before. I know I will be reborn again so I faced my death like a man. Standing over my pokemon, so I may join them in the beyond. Onix....again did not hesitate not strike at its opponent and I was not able to see when his strike hit but I know it was true. I will be back, stronger and for vengeance.

Brock will not remember that he ever killed me but he will know me when I drive him before my pokemon and make him watch as I disassemble his onix infront of him!

Nuzlocke Run Pokemon LeafGreen

I will document my constant struggles through this new and harsh landscape filled with various pokemon. I have taken it upon myself to place rules and restrictions on myself to fulfill my ancestors need for pain and suffering, they are as follows.


Pokemon Faint - They are dead therefore to be released to the dirt

No potions- Don't even try it, you are weak!

Limited use of pokecenters- You must pay a fee!

Catch only the first pokemon in a region- Fuck Abras and fuck rock types in general!

White out- This means death restart your save. WEAK!

Starter is set- Check your numbers! It is destined!


My first run through got me completely manhandled just outside of vermillion city by my rival. I have shamed my family and friends. Suicide is the only option, they will find my body next to my squirtells corpse. Damn you have forced my hand and brought me to a premature end. I will find you in my next life. I will kill you in my next life......FOR VALHALLA!

Ezeke Reduy: Journal 1

This is always the part that I love about being out here, the travel from one world to another. Its always quiet, almost all of the other passengers rest or lose themselves in music. Even Boell doesn't like to be fully awake during the trip, normally spends his time reading with his music so he doesn't have to be near reality. Not me though, part of the reason why I skip from place to place so often. Everytime I settle or start getting comfortable my bad luck gets to me, life gets to me. Out here however, if something bad were to happen it would be over before anybody knew what was going on. That simplicity makes me feel safe, makes it so if my bad luck does get to me it would all finally be over.

So yeah, I stay awake and aware of everything that goes on. This way I can find a small speck of peace in this ever expanding void that's around our tiny metal coffin. Never mean to bring Boell along into my mess but for some reason, everytime shit goes wrong, he packs up and moves with me. He is the closest thing to family I have left out here and I hate the fact that I'm always the thing keeping him from having a happy life. I have tried leaving him behind before but he ends up finding his way to what ever planet I wander off too. This time will be different, I've done my research, done my planning, and I know what I am going to do. Every settler or investor that has popped onto this planet has died, I have scrounged and found every piece of video evidence on what killed them.

I will make this work, for the stupid bastard reading next to me, for myself. Hell my bad luck has got to end at some point in time.....right?


Boell's Story: Part 1


Years of my life spent wasting and toiling away for some random company on some random ass planet. I've saved money for years to buy my own place, even make a space for myself and this is what I get. Laid off, mugged and left to drag myself back to my shit heap. The only saving grace of my entire day is coming back and seeing the sad pathetic creature that I call a roommate. I know, grown man having a roommate, but times are tough everywhere and he makes my life seem strangely pleasant by comparison.

"Don't worry Boell, I lost a finger, got fired, car got stolen and our landlord just tried to stab me." That was his reply to my day, see, pathetic creature. Strange thing is he still tries to be happy about it, no matter what kind of monstrous thing happens to him. Even now he has a strange smile on his face, even for him. Oh god....he's planning something, sweet merciful god not again. The last time he planned something we ended up being stuffed into a ship and shot out too absolutely no-where, left to die in space. "You know how I've been bouncing from job to job? Collecting random paychecks and doing odd jobs here and there?" This is going to end up with one or both of us dead, I know it.

"Well I saved a ton of money and with this last little, hiccup." He's wiggling his non-existent finger, I don't care, finish your stupid thought you muppet! "I have gone and bought an acreage.....on a Terse Planet." I think my heart just stopped a little bit. He bought a plot of land on a planet that the entire populace has been killed off. "I leave on the first transport out and as the landlord is currently out for blood, I have a ticket for you as well."

"You are going to get us both killed." I just agreed to his idiocy, I am going to die on a planet in the farthest reaches of known space. Why!? "Perfect! I've already packed, we leave in two hours. We are going to be raising mutated cattle sheep! They are adorable!"


There is something wrong with my brain......I have got to buy the biggest gun I can possibly find before I leave.